Client Testimonials about Shelley Jones

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Christy Clay

Professional EOS Implementer, Enlightened Growth Technologies

"I have worked with Shelley Jones in several capacities since 2008 and what I have come to appreciate and rely on is her intelligence, creative problem solving, and tenacity to get the job done.  Her attitude and resourcefulness puts me at ease and seems to always result in a favorable outcome.  If you are looking for a true partner who will listen and act on your behalf, I highly recommend Shelley Jones."

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Richard Kvanbeck

Vice-President of Asset Management Retail

"I have had a great experience working with Shelley as the leasing broker for our retail properties.  She is a real professional who has taken the time to really understand our property.  She understands the art of balancing needs and wants for both sides in the negotiation and she has excellent presentation skills. She understands the importance of staying focused and she knows how to close a deal.  Besides all her professionalism, her most wonderful attribute is she just is really a nice person and it is a pleasure dealing with her."

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Machelle Kendrick

Director of Marketing and Business Development

"Shelley Jones is an amazing resource within the commercial real estate industry.  Her ability to network has helped grow the businesses and professionals she has served.  The dedication and passion she has put into her profession shows up in the results.  If there is one takeaway one needs to know about Shelley is that she is results-driven.  She surrounds herself with brilliant, like-minded professionals.  She is an influencer in our community and is motivated by the greater good of all businesses succeeding in the area."

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Hee Ju Won

CEO & Advanced Instructor at Universal Dance Studio

"When I was looking to start my own dance studio, Shelley was a great realtor and help.  She found the right place for me and my business and helped me every step of the way.  Shelley made me feel very comfortable and cared for while working with her and I had no problem expressing my needs and concerns to her."

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Ron Anderson

Former Vice-President of MJP Management, Inc.

"I was fortunate to meet Shelley when she was a real estate broker for Atwater Group.  I had hired Atwater Group to help me lease some office space in Canal Park.  Fortunately for me, they assigned Shelley to work with me on my leasing.

Shelley is a very knowledgeable and dedicated go-getter, and brought several new tenants to the Paulucci Building and Buckeye Building.  I felt she was very professional in her dealings with propsective tenants and with me.  She communicated well and she's also fun to work with."