At Jones Group of Duluth, our company exists to build partnerships and trusted relationships between us and our clients who are looking for the highest quality and most valued and useful properties that fit their needs.  Our job is matching commercial real estate and properties to entrepreneurs and businesses in Duluth, Minnesota.  We also build relationships with and invite business into the city by outside corporations looking to expand or pursue franchising opportunities in this beautiful, growing, dynamic city and business environment.

We build partnerships through a consultative style.  Shelley Jones works extensively with each client to find the best location possible for their needs, taking into consideration even the smallest details about their needs and desires for their business.  We build trust through having a comprehensive, intuitive knowledge of the local market, through having a powerful network, through thorough and effective marketing and communications strategies that help you succeed during and after you find your new space, and by incorporating the most effective and relevant strategies and methods for helping clients secure the best values and the best commercial real estate options that fit their new business or growing business needs.


Together, we will pursue a step-by-step plan that will put you closer to a successful purchase, sale, or lease of a variety of commercial real estate properties in Duluth.  Finding the best location, the price you need, the financing you want, and the timeframe you desire, will be our highest priorities. Shelley's approach to client relationships takes into account many important variables, while answering questions every client has anticipated and even those they haven't thought about in finding the right location.  


After an offer is made and accepted, the next step is finalization of your purchase, sale, or lease.  We make sure all the final touches are executed and completed to your satisfaction and with every detail in mind.

Working with Shelley and Jones Group of Duluth gives you and your company unique advantages.  Shelley Jones's expansive network, her years-long experience in a number of industries, and her commitment to supporting the expansion of business, both local and national, in Duluth, makes her holistic approach to the commercial property and real estate market a building block to experiencing and profiting from everything Duluth has to offer.