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Shelly Jones holds a unique place in this dynamic and growing city during an exciting time of business growth.  She's  a connected and engaged businessperson fully immersed in the economic and cultural life of Duluth. She's an experienced and successful general manager with two decades of history in the commercial real estate, resort, and hospitality industries.  Shelley's academic background is in business administration and economics, which gives her specific insights into best practices and consultative services for every client in a number of industry interests.

She's a specialist in operations leadership.  She combines great skill in finance, marketing, human resources, sales, customer service, facilities maintenance, and project management, as part of her wide portfolio of industry expertise. She's a champion for entrepreneurs and a connector in the business community, especially through her board membership on Duluth's Greater Downtown Council.

Shelley's intuitive responses to her client's needs through careful and thoughtful consultation make for a valuable client relationships.  Her extensive network of resources and professional contacts help her deliver consistent results and exceed client goals and expectations in their search for commercial property and real estate in Duluth, Minnesota, for sale or for leasing opportunities.  And she's a closer who negotiates the best terms for her clients, leading them to their best chances for success.