Shelley Jones joins slate of new officers on Duluth's Greater Downtown Council

Shelley Jones

Shelley Jones

In a show of how important the Greater Downtown Council is to the community, the GDC held its annual meeting at the end of January with a sold-out audience.  With more than 300 members, The Greater Downtown Council (GDC) is a private, nonprofit corporation that exists to promote and support the development of a clean, safe and vibrant Downtown Duluth.

Among the new officers and board members approved at the dinner is Shelley Jones, founder of Jones Group of Duluth.  Shelley brings a wealth of insight and professional expertise to the mission of the GDC.  She also is a relevant stakeholder in the success of the GDC.

"The position is a wonderful opportunity for Jones Group to support local business endeavors and give back to the community," Shelley remarked after officially joining the GDC Board.  "Jones Group continually provides support, resources, energy and passion to reinforce and improve the foundation upon which Downtown Duluth resides. As a long-time Committee member and a newly appointed Board member, I am honored to be included with other business leaders and extraordinary companies supporting the Duluth community."

As a Duluth resident, business owner and commercial property professional, Shelley brings both personal and professional experience to this role.  Professionally, she has strong ties to a network of business owners and is committed to her work in high-quality commercial real estate that both empowers and strengthens local entrepreneurs and businesses.  Personally, as an engaged and active member of the community and the mother of three children, Shelley is a vital part of making Duluth a superb community for families.

For more information about the Greater Downtown Council, go to their website here.